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• Do you wish to match your aspirations with your work ?
• Do you wish to have a career which helps others ?
• Are you in  transitional period professionally or personally ?
• Do you wish to solve your problems, achieve an objective, or make sense of your life ?

And if you decided to retrain as an Intuitive Coach ?


  It is a new profession that has been around for at least 15 years. The coach generally accompanies business managers in a professional capacity, until they reach and achieve their objectives. However LUNION FORMATION® takes it further. Our coaching is for everybody (100% of the population) not just business professionals, but those who wish to be accompanied on a personal level or in their family life, as well as their professional life and for people from all walks of life, children to the retired. Coaching excellence and intuition permits the person to consciously awaken at a soul level in all areas of their life, to overcome stress and the notion of limits and reach self-actualisation to give more meaning to their life. Our method brings a new angle of vision whilst respecting the ethical and ecological aspects of the person.

An opportunity to be part of a pertinent career that helps human growth and high performance


LUNION FORMATION® offers a comprehensive and innovative concept, Coaching Excellence® and Intuition with 7 unique stages, which combine :

- Business Coaching - traditional, analytical, rational processes with practical methods, left brain thinking based on the 5 senses, NLP, AT and a professional objective.
- Life Coaching - based on family, personal or professional, and which is accessible to everyone.
- Intuitive Coaching - based on intuition, feeling, right brain, following the heart
- Creative Coaching - taking into account the expertise of the client and the coach, the person as a whole the self wihtout the self-image, innovation, their gifts or unique create their own coaching style, and career in supporting and accompanying.
- Coaching Life's Mission - awakening the soul, to reach self-actualisation
- Coaching Consciousness - decoding signs, the subconscious and synchronicity
Universal Coaching - a method that takes into account the laws that govern nature and the Universe.

"For You, a solid foundation with a school that is constantly evolving" 

The Tools :

Coaching Excellence® is a synthesis of science, neuroscience, communication, sociological studies, human ressources and personal development. it is based on transcational analysis, neuro-linguistic programming, relaxation and visualisation techniques, systemic sciences, metaphors, drawing techniques, improvisation, physical expression, role playing, symbolism, being in the present moment, our natural attitudes, creativity, intuition, decodin of signs in life, human nature, the heart, and the true self.

An assembly of an exceptional depth of knowledge that allows you to reach your full potential

All our techniques together (right brain = the masculine principale and the left brain = feminine principal) permit you (and your clients) to discover each part of your puzzle, in a simple and guaranteed manner. It allows one to encounter all aspects of oneself and develop a way of tuning in to hear ourselves. You will be equipped to open the way to excellence in a heart centred way. Our expertise offers a rapid solution to identifying blocks and problems, without necessarily using the intellect. This unique holistic method allows one to advance more effectively and at a faster rate with far higher success, faster results and offers long lasting change at a deeper level.

A school with a proven track record in effective professionalism and a forerunner in Coaching


At the heart of Coaching and Intuition and/or transform your life


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