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Here are the 3 options for our Business certificates, the various models include : 
- Management via Objectives,
- Communication,
- Human Resources,
- Other training courses on requiest.
Please see our website for the complete program.
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Will this course correspond to my professional or personal needs ? How do I know if coaching is right for me ?

Will I earn enough money in this career ? Should I continue with my activity at the same time ? Is there a lot of competition ? How can I have the course paid for ? After the course will I be left to my own devices or is there a follow up ?

I feel it is time to live by my real heart felt values and discover my life's mission ! I want to start following my intuition ! I have trouble structuring and achieving my projects ! I can't find the sense in everything that is happening to me...and I am suffering ! I want to feel 100% creator of my life and my internal capacities !

I have some doubts, hesitations, and am questioning myself ! 

Do any of these questions resonate with you ?

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On +33 (0)43 25 21 899 or +(0) 6 80 62 81 08

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