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  3 Options :

Become a professional Life Coach, a solid, competent heart centred business
Achieve your objectives, change your life and give it more meaning and direction
Develop your intuition and use it on a daily basis

Become a professional Life Coach, a solid, competent heart centred business with 7 levels of training. Courses available in France every months.

Basic Life Coaching 

Stage 1 : You will determine an objective for that you will work on throughout the course. Discover how to establish a basic client relationship and establish an open understanding agreement/contract with the client. Learn the origins, the philosophy, the regulations, the qualities and competences required of a coach. Start to establish a coaching approach in practice with 15 coaching sessions as a coach, in the place of the client or as an observer. Master the procedures to follow for each coaching session, the ethics and coaching deontology. Master the art of active listening, how to position yourself and establish a confident and reassuring client relationship.

Learn how to identify resistances and limiting beliefs. This course can be taken with the option of becoming a coach, and/or achieving your personal goals and/or solving problems and/or to transform your life.

Stage 2 : Learn to identify the blocks, resistances, excuses and self-sabotage to understand how to overcome them. Analyse the different levels of questioning, and manage client transfer. Learn about non-verbal communication. You will learn how to stay within the timeframes and settings for effective coaching including understanding priorities. You will take par in 15 typical coaching sessions. You will explore how to balance life, its contradictions, reality and the self-image (appearances). Develop your expertise of coaching by helping to eliminate the blocks, fight or flight responses and overcome and change limiting beliefs. Master the process of putting actions in place and how to wake up the clients unique talents. During this session you will be guided individually, evaluated and supervised. We will discuss how to start your own business, establish contracts, prepare your marketing and promotion, develop and redefine your client base, as it becomes clearer throughout the course. This course can be taken with the option to become a coach, and/or achieve your personal goals and/or solve any problems and/or transform your life.

At this stage with 80% practical coaching and validation by the school you can start accompanying people through coaching. You will be given a certificate attesting to your ability to work as a Professional Coach - Level I

For those who choose the accelerated course of 6 days, we would advise that you also participate in a second 6 DAY COURSE. This way you experience the 30 tools from a different angle to that which you participated in on the first course as the coach, coached or observer. This allows further integration and a deeper understanding of the use of the tools as a Coach, another level of supervision and a fruitful exchange with another group.

Note: We have courses that start every month, please ask for dates 

FREE SUPERVISION - during, between and after each course

As you start coaching you will be offered free supervision from Gilles GUYON for your personal evolution, to take stock and get answers to yours questions. You will continue to put actions in place that were determined during the training course and to achieve your objectives. You are not alone, we offer support for your personal and professional success. Any problems and situations encountered are analysed and solved through this partnership built over time.

  Level I training provides a solid basic foundation for Coaching and if required you can stop your training at this level.

However, we strongly recommend you continues with the other levels so that you receive all our training and knowledge and so that your transformation and success are guaranteed.


Master Coaching with 4 possibilities of 3 days training

Further your skills and continue your professional and personal evolution


Discover and learn the techniques of intuitive communication understand how coaching works with intuition.
You will on the 5 levels that anchor real deep lasting change : mental, emotional, physical, energetic and spiritual.
You will work on overcoming the blocks that prevents you from naturally using your intuitive intelligence (emotions and heart) an essential skill of a coach or advisor.

  You will experiment with 6 new coaching tools to feel what is required with a technique of intuitive reading, how to use your perceptions and intuitions.

You will discover the language of symbols and learn how to decipher them to give more meaning to your feelings.

You will learn how to consciously and constantly communicate using your intuition, and understand how to perceive the true state of a person or situation.

You will identify the different modes of sensory perception and intuitive decision making. Learn to incorporate a new vision and way of interpreting things in your daily life that allows you to bring to light all your capabilities, access synchronicities and find the key to innovative powerful change.

This level is also the basic course for the first part of the Intuitive Consultant training. It can be taken independently from the others or for personal growth

You will receive a certification as a Intuition Coach - Level II


You will learn and experiment powerful tools that offer a real evolution and allow you (and your clients) to discover and confirm your life's mission, your true self.

You will identify another level of blocks, more subtle issues and new ressources.

You will practice 10 new coaching tools orientated towards the realisation of your mission and release you from feeling trapped, by living tools such as a visualisation for your destiny, life theme and your life path, your resourceful being, the mirror of your soul, soul resources and soul reading.

To help your clients through a professional reconversion, to pass form the notion of work/suffering to self-realisation that gives more meaning to life.

With this method based on socratic understanding you are able to realise the expression of your hidden self knowledge, the birth of the soul.

This course level can be taken independent of the other courses uniquely or for your own personal development.

You will receive a certification as a Life's Mission Coach - Level III

"A coach that has found his right place enables his clients to do the same"


You will explore consciousness as a component in understanding that everything in life has a meaning, and where life becomes a large mirror of your circumstances.

You will learn new models to help analyse a person and their environment.

You will give meaning to everything that happens, and decipher the language of signs such as illnesses, food, clothes, home, body language, sports, career, behaviours, travel, accidents, material problems, and synchronicities in life, positive or negative.

 This course can be taken independently for personal evolution

You will receive a certification as a Universal Consciousness Coach - Level III

"A coach who is actively conscious is in resonance with life's synchonicities


You will determine a goal or objective to follow for which you will receive support. You will invent and create your own tools in line with who you are and discover a creative approach to coaching.

You will contact your true essence to express your full potential.

You will learn to coach through improvisation; interactivity, listening to the unspoken word through the use of body movement, and coaching with a blank canvas.

You will discover 250 new tools to help in creating your own in relation to your identity, your expertise, know how, focus and domain. You will affirm your own style of coaching and it will enable you to put in place therapeutic tools, tools for working on our emotional state, artistic or creative relation to your chosen clients.

This module can be taken independently of the others for those who already practice coaching, or as an advisor or counsellor and to bring an evolution to their career.

Professional certification as a Creative Coach - Level V


Before the course you will need to send 2 videos for evaluation, 2 coaching sessions with 2 different clients.

You will complete the commercial side of your activity, business cards, brochure, website, legal structure, and the necessary steps for marketing and finding clients.

To validate your experience you will need to submit your coaching log and a thesis on coaching. Certain points in regards to the theory and deontology of coaching will be verified by a written test of questions.

 Your training concludes with the presentation of business strategies to market your business, documents to finalise your set up as a coach, and certificate ceremony that formalizes you as a professional coach.

Professional certification as an Excellence Coach - Level VI

After being certified you will benefit from the schools support services


1. Follow up: Gilles GUYON, will be at your service as a supervisor to accompany you in your practice

2. Network: After training you can connect and exchange with our partners, with other experienced coaches or those just starting out thanks to LUNION FORMATION's large network. It is a privilege to provide mutual and peer support.

3. Weekend + : to train, exchange ideas, reboost, revise, perfect, and to practise coaching with clients at reduced rates.

"you are not alone, your progression and your developement are supported...allowing for your success"


FOCUS : Course Teaching Method

A structured education, progressive and pragmatic, based on direct practise, where the individual is supervised and evaluated throughout the course. With 80% practical training, implementing situations, and 20% theory including demonstrations. An interactive and dynamic method in relation to each persons goals. For each course level the participants will receive relevant documentation, a fundamental tool for exercising your profession.

It is also an extraordinary initial path !

How to Apply : No pre qualifications are required to register for this course, just an initial interview with the course trainer on receipt of your application. This allows us to discuss your professional or personal situation.

Location : Please request the location at the time of application.

Dates : Courses are available each month, please request details. Thanks to the flexibility of our courses you can sign up for the different levels as and when required. Please contact us for more information and the course requested.

Cost : Each course can be paid separately : 
Level I : 12 days (or intense 6 day course) : €2300 
Level II to V : 3 day courses : €700
Level VI : cerfitified 2 days course €500
If you decide to take all training courses with a one off payment, a reduction will be offered, total cost €4700 instead of €5600 (€900 reduction)
If you wish to take all courses but wish to pay in instalments we offer a payment plan with a reduction :
- payments in two instalments - Total course cost €4900 (€700 reduction)
- payments in three instalments - Total course cost €5100 (€500 reduction)

Payments plans : Please don't allow the payment of the course to stop you from training, should you wish to discuss a more personal plan please contact us to find a solution adapted to your needs.

Company training : €6600

Note: We are able to offer our courses on an individual, one on one basis. Please contact us for more information.

Then contact us :


On +33 (0)43 25 21 899 or +(0) 6 80 62 81 08


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