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Accompanying people whilst working with your intuition is particulary relevant at this period in a time of major change. It is something that can be perfectly integrated into coaching and other counselling or therapeutic professions. This method brings the client a new clearer perspective which releases and triggers greater awareness, keys to transformation, alchemy, guidance, and real revelations.

Vanessa MIELCZARECK has been teaching this course for the last 20 years. 

Discover and learn the techniques of intuitive communication understand how coaching works with intuition.
You will work on the 5 levels that anchor real deep lasting change : mental, emotional, physical, energetic and spiritual.
You will work on overcoming the blocks that prevent you from naturally using your intuitive intelligence (emotions and heart) an essential skill of a coach or advisor.
You will experiment with 6 new coaching tools to feel what is required with a technique of intuitive reading, how to use your perceptions and intuitions.
You will discover the language of symbols and learn how to decipher them to give more meaning to your feelings.
You will learn how to consciously and constantly communicate using your intuition, and understand how to perceive the true state of a person or situation.
You will identify the different modes of sensory perception and intuitive decision making. Learn to incorporate a new vision and way of interpreting things in your daily life that allows you to bring to light all your capabilities, access synchronicities and find the key to innovative powerful change.

Focus :

The course "intuitive consultant" is based on some theroy and learning but above all the practical side to gain concrete experience of your intuition at an elevated level. Naturally each person will continue their work on their inner self during the 2 sessions and we offer exercises for this. This course can also accelerate your own personal or soul evolution.


This module allows to you to deepen and experiment the various Intuitive interpretation techniques, so as to allow you to understand your intuition.

You will explore a level of consciousness that stocks a range of extraordinary information.

You will train to use intuition to interpret or understand a problem, relationships, hear the inner child, understand life's mission and hear the soul, etc...

Gradually you will integrate the ability to hear your inner intuitive voice to give more sense to the messages that you receive during a coaching session.

Each person will be able to achieve more mastery over their thoughts, emotions...and to make interpretations flow with ease.
The emphasis is put on decrypting the messages to help the client move forward and give them the keys to make tangible change.
You will learn to "protect" yourself and manage the process of consultant/client transfer, and also to evaluate your work so as to improve its quality.
Gradually through the course you will heighten the use of your intuition in professional or personal situations.

Between th 2 sessions you will be required to complete, send and decrypt 3 intuitive readings to the course trainer so as to enable individual supervision for the 2nd stage of the course.



At this stage of the course you will consolidate the intuitite process, master the art of intuitive interpretation and experiment with different more astute levels of interpretation.

You will practice interpreting the lines of connection, the aura and energy centres, past lives, to follow a non-resolved issue.

You will experiment with intuitive interpretation from a distance and via telephone. 

During this course you will be constantly supervised. You will experiment intuitive writing based on a theme, to welcome more creativity into your life.

This course allows you to heighten and explore other levels of consciousness to strengthen the use of intuition in a professional capacity.

Those who wish may try channelling. You will begin to understand the dynamic energy offered that allows you to better determine the impact that you have on others and the situations that arise in your life.

Adjustement to and integration of your intuitive potential in action and in your daily life ! During this course Vanessa MIELCZARECK will do an intuitive reading/interpretation for each individual on the course.

Her goal, for this activity is to transmit the fruits of her professional experience as a consultant.

You will gain some excellent tools to confidently work in your own practice.



Location for training : To be confirmed. For small groups we offer training "a la carte" in your area as and when required.

Dates : Please contact us for more details

Cost : 1 - Develop your intuition - 3days - €700.00
  2 - Intuitive consultant (first stage) - 3 days - €700.00
  3 - Intuitive consultant (2nd stage) - 3 days - €700.00

Note : Availability to train on an individual basis for module 1, please contact us for more details.

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