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LUNION FORMATION® is N°1 in France for Coaching and Intuition and is one of the oldest known coaching schools. For more than 20 years we have specialised in the development of Intuitive Intelligence.

LUNION FORMATION® has founded its teaching on the combination of the best from Classic Coaching and omniscience techniques. It allows you the opportunity to participate in Life Coaching, Intuitive Coaching, Creative Coaching, Life's mission coaching, and Coaching consciousness. The objective of the training school is for you to take part in more than just a simple coaching course, but to have an outstanding experience that reveals to you the scope of coaching for the future. As with the tradition of Socrates it allows one to "give birth to the soul of the person".

LUNION FORMATION® is the pioneer of professional and vocational coaching diplomas and offers a complete holistic teaching program that takes into account all states : physical, emotional, mental and spiritual.

LUNION FORMATION® also contributes to the democratization of Coaching in France with Gilles GUYON's book "Coaching for All", published in 2005 and the participation in various TV shows by the founders, following the very first Coaching Salon in Paris.

To better provide for the needs of a wider audience, the school now proposes :
    · Choice of training at different levels as required - for your personal evolution and/or
       to be coached to solve an issue, achieve an objective, and/or to change and  give a
       feeling of more sense to your life.
    · Courses for Individuals or professionnals,
    · Discovery workshops and e-learning courses
    · Courses for leaders - "Management 3rd Millenium"


 Gilles GUYON
 Has more than 30 yars experience, a man who has mastered the balance between management, intuition and science, with an open heart and mind (through more than 20 years of personnel development). Both active and intuitive he is passionate about teaching the functions of human behaviour, offering us all the possibilty of understanding how to choose to cease to suffer and instead become a creator of your own existence. A man who pushes frontiers, a humanist, strategist, and a real forward thinker.



Is passionate about working in an industry that helps others. She started as a therapist and later became the creator, organiser and a teacher of the "Intuition ans Creativity" training program, which specialises in the process of change, and the development of your intuition and inner creativity. She trained in psychotherapy in the 1990's and since then has worked as a recognised expert in her field. She continues to give her best in helping hundreds of people improve their lives and develop their intuition. She works in France, the Dom Tom and Quebec. Since 2003, she has published many works based on her long and fruitful caree. Her latest e-book, in English launched in November 2014 "Coach your intuition".

 Working with us we also have a great team of independent multi-disciplinary trainers, both dynamic and passionate about their careers.

"Take advantage of our 30 years of experience to help you to reach your full coaching potential"



 1. 6 or 12 days courses to master the profession of coaching or accompanying through change. Certification included, enabling you to set up and start your own coaching business.

2. In field training with 80% practical and ongoing monitoring. At the end of the training you will be able to either coach or accompany people as an advisor, or transform your own life.

3. Our conception and understanding of human nature on all levels (mantal/physical/emotional/soul) makes us innovators in the industry that encourages a holistic approach.

4. The benefits of a unique course that integrates intuitive intelligence as a support in coaching which allows you to develop and rely on your extrasensory perceptions (sixth sens).

5. Very accessible. We offer training all over France and the UK, starting from 2 to 3 people.


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On +33 (0)43 25 21 899 or +(0) 6 80 62 81 08


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